Software is upgraded

Seaward Electronic has upgraded its new mobile PDA-based software that enables users to record the results of workplace electrical appliance safety tests and other tests and inspections quickly and easily.
The PATGuard Work About software is a specially adapted PDA version of the comprehensive PATGuard Elite program. It enables electrical test results to be recorded directly into a PDA manually or downloaded from the tester via Bluetooth for subsequent transfer to a PATGuard database on a PC.

A number of new timesaving operator features have now been incorporated in the latest version of the software.

For example, the upgraded software now has the ability to enable users to selectively identify and select – or tag – specific electrical equipment to be tested and upload the appropriate test parameters to the tester from the PDA.

This is particularly useful during the regular re-testing of equipment in large workplaces and enables the test engineer to cope effectively with the movement of appliances between different locations at a particular site – or even between different sites.

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