Softer landings for hydronic systems

FloCon WatchmanThe new FloCon Watchman from SAV Systems combines the proven benefits of commissioning modules with electronic monitoring to support ‘soft landings’ for hydronic heating and cooling systems. As such, FloCon Watchman provides visibility of performance at ‘zone level’ rather than whole system level, so that problems can be quickly pinpointed and remedied. By operating in zones, it also makes effective sub-metering financially viable, compared to installing meters on each terminal unit.

SAV’s popular FloCon commissioning modules bring all of the control valves for a group of terminal units (e.g. fan coils, chilled beams) into one location. FloCon Watchman modules also incorporate SAV’s innovative Watchman electronic flow measurement device. This enables continuous monitoring of flow rates, temperature differential (ΔT) and energy consumption for each zone of terminal units – thereby providing better visualisation and understanding of each zone’s performance than would normally be possible.

The key benefits of FloCon Watchman include ease of installation and commissioning with the ability to easily fine-tune and ‘de-bug’ the system throughout its life. It also enables building operators to monitor the performance of their systems, and re-configure them easily in line with changes in building usage.

Each FloCon Watchman module includes a 2-port actuated control valves and a differential pressure control valve to ensure that all 2-port control valves operate with excellent authority. FloCon and FloCon Watchman modules are also available for use with hydronic systems operating with ultra-low flows.

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