SOFiSTiK opens UK office


Construction software developer strengthens relationships to existing customers in the UK and aims to generate new business in the bridge and building industry with particular focus on BIM

SOFiSTiK crosses the channel. On August 15, 2016, the Germany-based structural engineering software developer SOFiSTiK opened its first subsidiary in the United Kingdom. The head of the new branch is Guido Altersberger, a sales engineer with SOFiSTiK UK. From its new office in the southwest of London, the company aims to grow its business relationships in the UK, where it has been active since 1996. SOFiSTiK will be working from a good foundation to achieve this goal. A number of international customers including several in the Greater London area have been using SOFiSTiK’s software for years now. They will be much closer to SOFiSTiK now, allowing the company to offer even better service in the future. In addition, the software developer sees a great need for sound technical support and strong potential for growth in the fields of structural engineering and construction. Adding BIM applications to these fields also provide great opportunity for the company.

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