Smoke Roadshow

Important events for Building Service practitioners and public officials involved in Fire Safety management

Whatever your involvement in Fire Safety issues, you need to attend one of our half-day Smoke Roadshow events this September.
Fast-paced seminars will exam the danger of smoke in buildings and discuss CE and EN certificated smoke control products and the need for such products to prevent loss of life in fire situations. Another will focus on reducing total building emissions and the use of high efficiency energy recovery.
At each event we’ll conclude with a live demonstration of a domestic fire situation, in our specially built see-through truck. This will show in human terms, the value of having authentic and correctly certificated fire dampers installed in the UK’s housing stock.
The events are in London (17th Sept 2012), Cardiff (19th Sept 2012) and Manchester (20th Sept 2012). Where we will set fire to our truck and demonstrate how we restrict the spread of smoke.

We’re here to help and save lives! Can you afford not to?

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