Smith’s Eco-Powerad is the small smart choice!

Smith's Fan convector heat exchanger_(original) RB Media & PR April 2014...The Eco-Powerad from Smith’s looks and installs like a radiator, is priced like a radiator and uses the same pipework and boiler as a radiator but is in fact a fan convector, with a much greater heat output than a radiator of the equivalent size.   It’s the perfect solution where high levels of heat are required in a room or where low surface temperature heat emitters and low running costs are essential.

Smith’s Sales & Marketing Director, Jim Bennett said, “The Eco-Powerad installs like a radiator using the same pipe work and valves but is less than half the weight with a smaller footprint, making it easier to handle.  It’s more attractive than an ordinary panel radiator and easy to use.  Eco-Powerad features in both domestic and light commercial applications, supported by a five-year parts and labour guarantee.”

Fan convectors connect to a wet central heating system and use an electrical connection for the fan.  Hot water from the central heating system passes through the heat exchanger, transferring heat to the aluminium fins. Cooler air drawn in by the fan is heated as it passes over the heat exchanger, then expelled gently back into the room. This even temperature flow heats a room faster than a traditional panel radiator.

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