Smith’s celebrates 30 years and new Solano Eco launch

This year Smith’s celebrates its 30th birthday. Since it was formed in 1991 Smith’s has grown into a major supplier of heating and cooling products for the domestic and commercial markets. Starting in 1991 Smith’s launched the first Space Saver kitchen heater which allowed homeowners to release valuable space for extra cupboards, workspace or appliances. Later on, Smith’s used their knowledge of fan convectors to develop their Caspian fan convector for light applications. This was followed by a range of fan coils called Aegean, and now the range has expanded to include air curtains, and unit heaters as well as many other heating and cooling products using fan convector technology.

With the shift away from fossil fuel powered heat sources towards renewables, and particularly Heat Pumps, Smith’s is well placed as their fan convectors are a perfect fit in a heating system using lower flow temperatures.

To celebrate our first 30 years, we’ve looked back at some of the milestones in this short video:


New product launch: Solano Eco

We have launched a new version of our Solano unit heater called Solano Eco. Available in two versions – Eco and Eco Max with the both versions being suitable for use with heat pumps. The Max version features a larger heat exchanger and fan which allows it to work with lower flow temperatures and making it suitable for larger open spaces such as industrial units, factories and warehouses. The Eco version is designed for applications such as gyms, school halls, workshops and showrooms.

Both versions can be mounted on the wall or ceiling and can be controlled independently or as part of a BMS system.

Weighing as little as 11kg for the smallest version up to only 25.5kg for the largest it is easy to install, and it is available in versions with a heat output of up to 93.9kW.

There are two MIX versions which have no heat exchanger but are designed to cause destratification of the warm air layers in larger spaces.

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