Smith’s celebrate their 30th Birthday

In 1991 Smith’s Environmental Products was established in a small town near Chelmsford in Essex. 30 years later on and still operating from the same site, and now employing around 50 people, Smith’s has grown into a major supplier and manufacturer of heating and cooling products for domestic and light commercial applications using fan convector technology.

In 1991 the first Space Saver plinth heaters were launched to satisfy a need to open up valuable space in the kitchen by replacing the traditional radiator. 30 years later and the current Smith’s Space Saver plinth heater is the market leader providing kitchen warmth throughout the UK, Europe, North America and Australasia.

Being a responsible manufacturer Smith’s has gained ISO 9001 (2015) and 14001 accreditations, as well as being members of the Achilles Building Confidence Scheme.

As we look to the future and the next 30 years Smith’s continues to develop the next generation of highly efficient heating and cooling products both for domestic and light commercial applications.


The immediate availability of Smith’s Caspian fan convectors saves the day at primary school and nursery

The late availability of funding in the summer of 2020 meant that Gowing and Hunt, the contractors, were up against it to source fan convectors to complete the heating refurbishment at Flamstead End Primary School and Nursery. They turned to Smith’s who supplied Caspian fan convectors at short notice.

The old radiators had reached the end of their life and their removal was the last part of a 7-year refurbishment of the whole heating system. Caspians were used as part of the upgrade and were located in the nursery and reception classrooms as well as in the school hall, dining room and 3 other ancillary rooms. The new Caspians were placed high up on the walls to remove the risk of burning to younger hands and arms as well as releasing wall space for teaching.

The Site Manager at Flamstead End is delighted with the Caspian fan convectors ‘they are far quieter, far better and have brought big benefits to the school. The classroom heating is superb’.



Caspian Fan Convectors

Using forced convection, Caspian fan convectors ensure that rooms heat up more quickly, delivering a more even temperature spread, than heat emitters using natural convection. They can be installed and positioned to suit each room’s size and shape, rather than having to obey the installation rules that govern radiators. This ability to deliver heat effectively and efficiently makes them attractive when renovating buildings or specifying heating for new build projects. Unlike radiators, which can be bulky and hot to touch, fan convectors are compact, lightweight, and have very low surface temperatures. In short, as part of a commercial heating system, fan convectors play an important role in providing versatility, more-instant heat, better use of space and greater control for end-users in the commercial market.



Caspian fan convectors are both a practical and high-quality heating solution for any commercial project Incorporating the latest EC motor technology, which can result in running cost savings as high as 70%, and with variable speed control as standard, the Caspian delivers heat quickly and quietly.

Now available with SMART Control which provides comfort with control and convenience. Smith’s SMART Control has been developed to integrate several of the most commonly sought-after control features into one control unit and more. At the basic level it offers room temperature control and additionally offers a range of time controlling features too, making it perfect for buildings that serve a varied community demand.

Smart Control can automatically control the fan speed of the Caspian fan convector, adjusting it in relation to the air temperature in the room providing a fast heat up period when required, and the quietest possible operation during occupied periods. There is a manual override facility too.

The control interface unit can be flush mounted in the product fascia, internally mounted (tamper-proof) or wall mounted (remote) for convenience, for example, where the heater is at high level.



Technical help and Support

As part of our commitment to customer service we have a team of technical specialists supporting our sales team. The technical team are there to support you with site surveys, advice on the best solutions to heat/cool commercial spaces and to provide advice where bespoke solutions are required. To contact the team please call 01245 324560

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