Smith Brothers during lockdown

With lockdown restrictions slowly easing, and the industry working its way back up to full capacity, Smith Brothers has taken time to reflect on, and celebrate, some of the progress and success stories the business has made since March.

During the early lockdown stages, SBS followed government advice and implemented measures to ensure the business could remain operational and available to support supply to critical sectors. This included adopting social distancing measures and increased cleaning whilst restricting unnecessary travel and temporarily reducing staffing numbers through the governments furlough scheme – all steps to help significantly reduce the risk of COVID-19 transmission to both staff and customers.

Furloughed staff members took the opportunity to hone their product knowledge by partaking in remote training sessions, ran by supplier representatives from Terrain, Viega, Victaulic, IMI Hydronic, Elysator, Flamco and Aquabion. The feedback from these sessions has been extremely positive. Marketing Officer Emma Purday has also been productive with her time and has completed her Level 4 Digital Marketing apprenticeship – a fantastic achievement!

Smith Brothers will continue to ensure measures are in place to keep both staff and customers safe as the business fast approaches full operational capacity.


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