Smedegaard launches new range

Smedegaard has launched its new range of FalFlex wall-mounted cold water booster sets. The new FalFlex range is extremely compact and saves space by being wall-mounted, solving the traditional problem of limited space in plant rooms. The set is mounted on rubber lined support brackets to reduce noise transmission once installed.

The range utilises two quality stainless steel pumps to give duty/assist or duty/standby operation with a factory mounted frequency inverter for each pump, giving flow rates of up to 3L/s per pump and pressures of up to 8 bar, far outstripping the 1 bar that water authorities are prepared to guarantee.

The speed of each pump is varied by means of the frequency inverter, enabling the pumps to operate in a cascade system. The control of each pump is via a pressure transducer installed in the discharge flow manifold. This relays a 4-20mA signal to the inverter to vary the motor speed.

For ease of use and set up the FalFlex frequency inverters have a digital interface. The display shows the output current, transducer status, high/low water and drive status.

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