Smedegaard launch green product

Smedegaard Pumps has developed a new range of electronic energy saving circulators which can save up to 40% more energy than a standard pump.
The self regulating Smedegaard IsoBar SimFlex has been designed for minimum energy consumption, by adjusting automatically to the required duty. When installed in a system fitted with thermostatic radiator valves and operating in the self-regulating mode, the pumps will automatically vary the speed and power consumption, to meet the system requirements, saving up to 40% of the energy consumption compared with a standard non self-regulating pump,.
“We are very excited about this new design, the SimFlex provides a variable speed product at a better price, with simple ‘click in’ electrical connection and the utilisation of Smedegaard’s proven and environmentally friendly 1-2-3 principle. The SimFlex range adds a new dimension to our range of energy efficient products. With this new development we are very proud to be contributing to the drive to reduce energy consumption.” said Smedegaard UK’s General Manager Chris Barrett.
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