Smedegaard gives Boost with MiniFlexx

Smedegaard strives for industry excellence and has excelled once again with the introduction of the BOOSTAFLEXX range of cold water booster sets.

Designed and developed in-house, the MiniFlexx range which is part of the BoostaFlexx family consists of a single or twin pump booster set and break tank, which are packaged on to a common baseplate. The set is suitable for either floor or wall mounting.

The 85 litre break tank is of an extremely rugged construction, manufactured from WRAS approved material and available with either a WRc Category 5 compliant type AB air gap for wash down services, or a type AF air gap for portable use. The tank is fitted with a high quality WRAS approved solenoid valve, ensuring a high volume water supply to keep up with the demand of the pumps.

The design of the tank and depth of water in the tank were both major considerations in the effort to get rid of the problem of pump aeration and so eliminate the need for any complicated pump air venting systems. This has led to a significant simplification in the construction of the sets, with the added bonus of ease of maintenance. This ease of maintenance includes the ability to individually isolate and remove either pump from a twin pump set, thereby ensuring that the set is always fully operational.

Single or twin, ErP compliant horizontal or vertical multistage WRAS approved pumps are utilised in the construction of the MiniFlexx range. The standard range of duties is up to 8 bar and 2 litres per second per pump, with other duties being available on request.

With energy saving being an extremely important consideration the entire range is fitted as standard with single or three phase inverter variable speed controllers; this also gives the added advantages of quieter operation, extended pump life and an illuminated display for convenience of operation.

The MiniFlexx range is extremely compact and is available with a lockable weather-proof housing, and with frost protection if required. The use of the MiniFlexx ‘in the field’ has proved them to be extremely reliable and highly efficient – an excellent foundation on which to develop the range further. We shall shortly be adding to the BoostaFlexx range with break tanks of up to 2000 litres, and pumps with greater capacities, so watch this space!

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