From independent products to a smartly linked system. Improve indoor comfort and energy efficiency.

People spend most of their time indoors, which is why we need a sound indoor climate for our health, well-being, and happiness.

Our business models, services, products, and systems are all designed to provide you with the right solution for each individual project. With years of experience, we have a unique knowledge of the entire construction process.

Swegon delivers the best indoor climate. Together with AHU’s in the GOLD Series, Swegon’s chillers, heat pumps and multifunctional units fulfil the needs for cooling and heating in the most effective way. SMART Link+ transforms these two excellences into a unique optimised system in our strive to deliver the best indoor climate with minimum energy consumption.

The SMART Link+ function is designed to be used for optimized control of heating and/or cooling production on one or more GOLD air handling units together with one or more cooling and/or heating producers. A large number of different types of Swegon products including water chillers, heat pumps and multifunction machines with liquid-borne media can be used. All controls in GOLD for liquid-borne heating and cooling can be freely combined and used in the function.

Linking the indoor climate requirements to an optimised water production and distribution has never been easier. SMART Link+ ensures that the temperature difference is as small as possible between demanded and supplied temperature, which minimises the energy required to heat or cool.

As the SMART Link+ is an embedded standard option on Swegon control platforms, it reduces on-site installation time and costs, as all that’s needed is to connect all units to a network. All SMART Link+ functions for cooling/heating units and access for external BMS for integration are available through the air handling units’ controllers.

Several hydronic loops can be controlled and optimised from each air handling unit, for example loops for heating and cooling for central heating, chilled beams or fan coils. SMART Link+ also handles external heating and cooling system e.g. district heating and geothermal cooling.

This new version of SMART Link connects Swegon chillers and heat-pumps with GOLD units and optimises the production of cooling and heating energy. Communication is via Modbus/TCP and all functionality is included in the software installed in the controllers of the individual products so no additional control equipment is needed. SMART Link+ saves time on site, saves energy and offers a user friendly interface.

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