Smarter water control

The Tenant Valve Assembly (TVA) from Reliance Water Controls has been greatly improved, in response to the needs of specifiers and installers. Like earlier models, it suits all multi-unit buildings, such as apartments or offices, and also the increasing number of prefabricated ones. It saves time and therefore cost and avoids complexity by combining many functions in a single unit, which is now more versatile than ever.
Because many installations have to be done in confined spaces, the new TVA is more compact and, with all its components facing one way, it is easier to fit against a wall and to service. Another benefit for servicing is the cartridge construction, retained from earlier versions, and the product’s overall cost is moderated by making the inclusion of a water meter optional.

Feedback showed only 30% of users wanted a water meter fitted as standard, while everyone liked the option of adding one. Therefore, to assist a landlord wanting to split water charges, a pre-calibrated class B meter can be easily substituted for the TVA’s blanking cap; alternatively, a clip-on pulse output cap can be retrofitted to the device as required.

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