The SMART-Sensor EPD from Reliable Controls delivers a modern networked-sensor solution that allows you to connect with up to 10 configurable parameters related to a space. These can include temperature, humidity, CO2, volatile organic compounds (VOCs), date, time, and more. Whether you need to measure particulate matter, relative humidity, temperature, CO2, or VOCs, the SMART-Sensor EPD has sensor options to suit your needs.

The SMART-Sensor EPD is a powerful, dynamic microprocessor-based device that monitors room environmental conditions and communicates information to Reliable Controls controllers using SMART-Net™ protocol. The sleek, minimalist design features an electronic paper display in a warm gray or white enclosure with capacitive touch buttons and an onboard thermistor for space-temperature sensing.

The SMART-Sensor EPD is fully compatible with existing SMART-Net networks and backward compatible with previous-generation devices. Customize your SMART-Sensor EPD with the following options:

  • CO2 sensor
  • humidity sensor
  • occupancy sensor
  • VOC sensor
  • two inputs and two outputs
  • micro-USB connector

The optional VOC and CO2 sensors provide a reliable way to measure harmful gases, both natural and humanmade, and provide excellent air-quality measurement. The CO2 sensing technology in the SMART‑Sensor EPD is a nondispersive infrared sensor that measures the CO2 in an occupied space and controls the ventilation rate. As an input to the control system, a CO2 sensor can activate an alarm or mitigation strategy, including opening dampers or increasing ventilation rates. Building owners and operators will see energy savings with CO2 and humidity sensing, as ventilation is based on actual occupancy rather than the design occupancy of the space.

The optional VOC sensor denotes a general change in the level of VOCs in a space to detect significant pollutants. When the SMART-Sensor EPD detects low pollutant loads, it can trigger reduced ventilation rates, which may occur during or after occupancy hours.

Add two inputs and two outputs to extend the capabilities of your controller or to wire your inputs and outputs to the SMART-Sensor EPD rather than running wires to the inputs and outputs on your controller.

The micro-USB connector option includes network terminations that allow you to locally access your host controller using a Reliable Controls X-Port-2 Converter and additional custom cables.

To facilitate surface mounting or prevent the need to cut an opening in a wall, you can order the SMART-Sensor EPD with a deep backplate accessory and conduit coupler. The deep backplate fits and covers single-gang electrical device boxes and can accommodate common Wiremold products to conceal wiring.

Choose to display information on the SMART-Sensor EPD that best meets your needs: default space conditions, programmed objects, or large-format values and icons. You can program objects to allow user adjustment in the space or as display only, and the onboard language library lets you select from more than 90 industry terms in seven languages.

The SMART-Sensor EPD complements an advanced lighting and HVAC system by allowing you to base your HVAC settings on occupancy and air quality. Save money on energy consumption and simplify your building operation system by reducing your reliance on scheduling.


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