Smart building control

Hager has launched its new bus based building services control system, Tebis TX, which it claims is the simplest solution on the market to install and commission.
The system uses a single twisted pair cable and/or RF technology to link input and output devices together. It is KNX compatible, so it can be used with different manufacturer’s products. A simple, intuitive hand held remote control programmes the devices.

Cabling is simple and involves no new installation skills. Hager claims that electricians could typically install and commission a system after just half a day’s training – often on site while they are completing a project.

Tebis TX enables inputs, including wall switches, timers, PIR sensors, photoelectric cells and thermostats to communicate and switch output devices which could include lighting, heating, burglar alarms and motorised curtains. Any single or combination of input devices can switch or control any combination of output devices.

For commissioning the contractor uses the hand held remote control to assign addresses to the input and output devices. They then decide which output devices should respond to which input devices.

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