Slimmer cassettes from Mitsubishi

New slimmer four way cassettes are one of the main features of the updated range of inverter split systems from Mitsubishi Heavy Industries. Convenient all metric model codes have also now been applied and enhanced control systems further complement the eco-lution range of split and multi systems.
The new cassette models are now some of the slimmest on the market, with even the largest capacity unit fitting within a 300mm ceiling void without the need for spacer collars. Enhanced two wire control systems replace the previous three wire system simplifying installation. Sophisticated wired controllers enable users to adjust local temperatures for greater comfort; however the control parameters can be set with upper and lower limits in heating and cooling modes respectively by the building manager.    
MHI has significantly reduced the height of its range of FDT inverter-controlled cassette models. For example, larger capacity models of up to 14kW were 365mm deep but now have been reduced to 298mm, while smaller capacity models with a height of 295mm are now only 246mm deep.

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