SKY’s the limit for new Swegon chillers

Swegon has introduced a new range of high-performance chillers onto the UK market.

Part of the company’s new energy efficient SKY range, the KAPPA SKY offers an attractive combination of state-of-the-art control technology with inverter screw compressors and a choice of low global warming potential (GWP) refrigerants.

The new models have been designed to meet the twin regulatory challenges of the European EcoDesign Directive that is driving innovation in energy efficient performance and the F-Gas Regulation, which is dictating a gradual phase down of high GWP refrigerant gases.

The KAPPA SKY products already meet the energy efficiency requirements of the EcoDesign Directive Tier 2, which does not come into force until 2021 – so giving end users’ a future-proofed solution.

The new Swegon chillers operate with the very low GWP refrigerant R513A as a default option, although they can also operate with R134a. The former has a GWP of just 573, making it an attractive choice in the current climate due to the phase down of high GWP refrigerants.

Higher GWP gases are being removed from the market first, which is already leading to severe shortages of some widely used gases and, therefore, significant price rises. Opting for low GWP 513A, which is also non-flammable, insulates users from this problem.

Swegon’s SKY range also offers an ultra-low GWP option, which uses the new industry breakthrough refrigerant HFO 1234ze. This has the lowest available GWP on the market of less than 1 so is not subject to the F-Gas phase down.

The 32mm microchannel condenser coils allow the chillers to achieve higher capacities, but with a lower refrigerant charge than previous models. This means the chillers can deliver high efficiency operation from a smaller footprint and Swegon has also manufactured special ‘compact’ models that are ideal for use where space is at a premium such as in many replacement projects.

Also available are modular ‘free cooling’ versions, which are ideal for year-round cooling demand taking advantage of the UK’s temperate climate to dramatically reduce energy costs.

Across the range, the proprietary BlueThink controls manage the operation of the inverter, compressor speed and variable valve ports. This allows for closely controlled part load operation of the chiller to maximise energy savings and extend operating life as well as remote monitoring for service and maintenance purposes.

Swegon’s SKY chillers have two levels of inverter control – full inverter and hybrid – depending on the performance needed for the project in hand. There are special low noise versions available too.

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