Sky Air from Daikin

Daikin Europe N.V. has introduced a new range of inverter driven R-410A Sky Air heat pump units. Known as the RZQS series, the units are available in three models (3, 4 and 5HP) with capacities from 7.1 to 12.5kW (cooling) and 8.0 to 14.0kW (heating).
Designed for use as an alternative to the company’s existing RQ/RR Sky Air non inverter units, the single phase RZQS is intended for use in mainstream air conditioning market installations in small to medium commercial, offices, restaurants and shops etc.

The Sky Air RZQS is expected to appeal to customers requiring the benefits of inverter technology: low starting current, reduced start up time and improved temperature control. This new series is in addition to the existing Top Super Inverter range RZQ, which will be continued and offers even higher performances. Its introduction enables Daikin to offer a complete range of R-410A Sky Air inverter units covering all possible commercial applications in 3 to 10HP single and 3 phase versions.

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