Air conditioning system selection is now more complex than ever with building service professionals needing to consider a range of factors including sustainability, energy efficiency, updated regulations and ongoing service and maintenance. However, flexible and versatile solutions such as the new Daikin VRV 5 can help make the process simpler.


Sustainability and efficiency

The VRV 5 system has been specifically designed and optimised for use with R-32 refrigerant. The next generation refrigerant has a lower environmental impact, with a Global Warming Potential (GWP) 71% lower on a system level than R-410A. Furthermore, as a single component refrigerant, R-32 is easier and more cost effective to reclaim and recycle.

The use of R-32, which has a higher ‘volumetric efficiency’ than other refrigerants, means the VRV 5 offers performance benefits compared previous generation systems and allows the total refrigerant charge can also be reduced by 10%.

In selecting a new system, it is also important to consider the energy usage and efficiency. The VRV 5 system features an array of new technologies, including a unique 3-row heat exchanger and swing compressor, which contribute to its high operational seasonal efficiency. It also benefits from Daikin’s Variable Refrigerant Temperature (VRT) technology, which varies the evaporating temperatures automatically in response to the load, required capacity and weather conditions to provide greater levels of efficiency.


Among the key advantages of the VRV 5 system is the Shîrudo Technology that help make compliance with requirements of IEC60335-2-40:Ed.6 simple. Unique to Daikin, the Shîrudo Technology, incorporates all the refrigerant response measures into the unit as standard. In the unlikely event of a refrigerant leak, the detection sensors integrated into the indoor unit will be immediately triggered. This activates the local audible and visual alarm built into the system’s Madoka controller. An additional supervisor alarm can be set up, either through the Madoka controller or a third party alarm activated from the outdoor unit, the indoor unit or the Intelligent Touch Manager system. The sensor also triggers the refrigerant control measures to recover the refrigerant to the outdoor unit. Once the refrigerant is returned and stored in the accumulator, the shut-off valves close and the refrigerant is safely contained.

This system means the VRV 5 can accommodate rooms as small as 10m² without the need for additional equipment to be installed on site. This provides a far higher degree of flexibility when compared with equivalent systems without Shîrudo Technology. For example, an average mini VRV R-32 system will have a total refrigerant charge of approximately 6.5kg. Without the fully integrated refrigerant response measures, the requirements of IEC60335-2-40:Ed.6 would only be met with a minimum room size of 26.8m2. The effectiveness of Shîrudo Technology has been third party CB certified by a Notified Body (SGS CEBEC).


Installation versatility

The flexibility of VRV 5 means it can help overcome a range of installation challenges. Its external static pressure (ESP) settings up to 45 Pascals (Pa) means it can be installed in small spaces, behind grilles or with ducting to the exterior.

Furthermore, VRV 5 is compatible with a wide variety of R-32 optimised indoor units including cassette, concealed ceiling and wall mounted options, with designs and features to meet the needs of the application. For example, to improve indoor air quality and prevent dirty marks on the ceiling, auto cleaning panels and filters are available as an option on many of the units. These products also allow the dust to be removed simply using a vacuum cleaner without opening the unit. Additionally, features such as branch duct discharge can help optimise air distribution in irregular shaped rooms or be used to supply air to small adjacent rooms. There are also optional intelligent sensors available that detect the presence of people to help improve energy efficiency and occupant comfort.

Ease of installation and servicing

The design of the VRV 5 makes it both easy to transport and install and simple to service. The compact, single fan design means the unit is only 869mm high and 1100mm wide, making it easy to maneuverer and allowing it to be installed in the location that best suits the design of the building. Also, the removable maintenance panel on unit creates a wide access area where all key components are within easy reach.

With the specification of air conditioning systems becoming more complex, solutions with true flexibility and versatility help make the work of building service professionals easier. The Daikin VRV 5 provides an option to suit a wide range of residential and light commercial applications and help customers to achieve environmental objectives, ensure compliance and deliver occupant comfort.


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