Simplified waste management

Accredited compliance schemes are proving to be the most cost-effective and reliable way for lighting manufacturers and end users to fulfil their obligations under the WEEE Directive, says leading recycling specialist Lumicom.
“Lumicom is the only luminaire recycling compliance scheme to have an infrastructure already in place, so our members and our customers can be assured of a high quality service in full compliance with the legislation,” explains Lumicom Director Ernest Magog. “As well as the specialist WEEE expertise that we are able to offer, our ability to deal with luminaires from many different manufacturers, from a single point of contact means we can simplify the whole process for both end users and manufacturers.”
Established by the lighting industry as a not-for-profit accreditation body, Lumicom is now financially independent and, according to Environment Agency figures, is already responsible for handling 57% of discarded luminaires entering the waste stream in the UK.

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