Silence rules for Fujitsu

New to the Fujitsu range of air conditioning products is a state-of-the-art AA rated cassette split system for cooling and heating that ticks all the boxes for today’s energy conscious installations.

The upgraded system, which offers 12.5kW nominal cooling, combines significant energy efficiencies, quiet operation and a strikingly stylish, slimline cassette (840 x 840mm x 288mm net dimensions, excluding the grille).

Designed for easy installation into most types of suspended ceiling, the cassette is suited to all applications and offers improved air flow distribution to ensure optimum room comfort for all seasons. An optional infra red receiver kit is also available.

The development of a new high efficiency turbo fan with a three dimensional blade offers greatly improved airflow distribution and quieter operation. Innovative design ensures the air wraps itself around the blade smoothly eliminating the problem of air separation associated with two dimensional blades, which results in noisy airflow. The new blade increases the amount of air passing over the heat exchanger resulting in far more efficient distribution while the new louvre design of the grille distributes the air more evenly.

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