Siemens hit the mark

Desigo RXC terminal unit controllers from Siemens Building Technologies have become some of the first devices to achieve certification and be allowed to use the eu.bac logo. This accreditation proves the Desigo RXC controllers provide energy efficient control, and can be a major factor in reducing the carbon footprint of a building.
In order to achieve eu.bac certification the RXC controllers had to maintain their simulated control temperature to within +/- 1.4ºC under varying load conditions during both heating and cooling cycles. The RXC controllers far exceeded these requirements achieving a control accuracy of 0.2K for heating and 0.1K for cooling. This makes them amongst the most accurate and energy efficient controllers on the market, helping to define the industry standard for individual zone control.
Desigo RXC is an innovative product range of individual room controllers, extension modules and room units with data communication based on LonWorks technology.
Eu.bac (the European Building Automation and controls association) was set up in 2003 by leading controls manufacturers including Siemens.  This was partly as a response to the European Energy Performance in Buildings Directive (EPBD). To verify energy efficiency eu.bac has developed the first Europe wide test and certification program for single room controls.

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