Siemens has the right combi

Siemens Building Technologies has extended its proven Acvatix range of valves and actuators by introducing a new range of pressure independent control combi valves for room and zone applications.

The combi valves have a control valve for temperature control, a differential pressure controller for balancing pressure fluctuations in the hydraulic system, a facility for preadjusting the required flow rate, and pressure test points for measuring the differential pressure integrated in one valve body. The new combi valves reduce planning, installation and commissioning costs, and increase the control accuracy under all operating conditions leading to increased energy efficient operation.

In combination with Acvatix electromotoric actuators, the combi valves are specifically suited for use in ventilation and air conditioning plants for the water-side control of terminal units in closed hydraulic circuits, and for heating zones with closed hydraulic circuits.

The valves can be used with flow rates from 90 to 3000 l/hour, and with differential pressure ranges from 14 to 400kPa. Actuators with 3 position or DC 0-10V control can be used with the combi valves.

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