Showcase VRF

508E-1215 Reznor VRF Commercial Catalog-EU.pdfReznor part of Nortek Global HVAC (UK) Ltd, Europe’s leading developer and manufacturer of energy efficient HVAC systems has developed a new range of Air Conditioners and Heat Pumps; Commercial/Light Commercial, the range consists of Mini Split Systems, Multi Split Systems and Variable Refrigerant Flow (VRF) Systems.

Variable Refrigerant Flow (VRF) systems move refrigerant to multiple indoor fan coil units, each with its own control. This allows building occupants to meet their individual comfort needs without the energy loss associated with moving air through ductwork. Reznor VRF systems are inverter-driven, allowing the system to soft start and consume less energy. Systems also modulate capacity according to demand, using the least amount of energy possible to meet the heating and cooling needs within the building.

The simple piping design means Reznor VRF systems can be installed in a variety of building types. It also makes installation easy which reduces installation costs.

  • Cooling capacity from 22 to 180kW
  • Maximum 1000m (3300ft) of piping
  • Maximum 165m (540ft) pipe length from the outdoor unit and the furthest unit
  • Maximum height from indoor unit and outdoor unit is 90m (290ft)
  • Heat Pump or Heat Recovery

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