Shop Online for Schwank Spare Parts

Spare parts for the six models of the revolutionary deltaSchwank tube heater (see image), offering from 97.4% up to 99% seasonal efficiency, are just some of the many manufacturer specified components available for purchase from Schwank’s newly launched online facility at

Schwank, a world market leader in gas fired heating and cooling systems, has upgraded its UK e-commerce site to facilitate user access to a comprehensive variety of spare parts for the company’s luminous (plaque) and tube heaters.

The site includes components for both past and present product lines, and is structured to make the user’s ability to source and acquire what they need even easier than with the previous Schwank e-commerce facility.

The presentation of the new Schwank Shop is also designed to enhance user experience, with striking imagery and the new Schwank logo and branding providing visual impact and aesthetic appeal.

Steve Sherman, Managing Director of Schwank UK, explained that spare parts e-commerce site was one of the ways that the company was using to increase and add value to interaction with its customers.

He added: “Our products are known for their exceptional performance, quality and reliability. Using the correct and up-to-date spare parts ensures that these benefits are maintained, so being able to order what you require online is extremely helpful. The site is set out very logically so, while numerous and diverse spare parts are listed, it will not take much time to find what you are looking for.”

 Schwank is a leading innovator in providing new solutions for heating, cooling and intelligent temperature control, while also continually developing the scope of its operations and services to customers.

The new Schwank corporate branding style was recently rolled out internationally and reflects the company’s expansion into new areas of the HVAC sector, such as the supply of gas heat pumps and cogeneration units offering energy-efficient and sustainable solutions for industrial and commercial users.

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