Shade to measure – Beckhoff kits out new office with automated blinds from Umbra Shading

Beckhoff’s new high-tech office at the Advanced Manufacturing Park (AMP) in Rotherham is the perfect example of a modern automated building, incorporating a host of smart systems designed with energy saving and increased comfort in mind. Home to some of world’s largest tech manufacturers, the park is a hive of innovation and industry and Beckhoff set out to create a fully automated office perfectly in keeping with its modern surroundings.

Using a Beckhoff CX control system, full constant-level lighting control was achieved using DALI2, the updated and enhanced version of the DALI lighting protocol. DALI2 presence and light level sensors were retrofitted into the existing suspended lighting system to achieve better control and aid energy saving. Wireless energy-harvesting EnOcean sensors were utilised for temperature, CO2 and external light level measurement and for the switching of additional cabinet lighting. PT100 sensors were placed on heating pipework to measure flow and return temperatures and Umbra Shading – a Beckhoff integration partner – was tasked with delivering automated shading for the building. Using a two wire Standard Motor Interface (SMI) network to their Helios motorised roller blinds, five core cable was run to every window area and the new blinds were up and running in under 24 hours, making the installation incredibly cost effective from a wiring and labour perspective. EnOcean window contacts are now in place to protect the blinds from opening or closing if obstructed, thereby avoiding potential damage.

As part of a fully integrated building automation system, the new automated blinds are now working in harmony with the rest of the building, using Beckhoff’s solar position algorithm to deliver optimum levels of shade to the workspace and keeping heat in at night.



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