Setting up is obvious

Simple on-screen instructions and a large ultra-clear ‘Line Of Text’ display mean setting up and operation are obvious in the Honeywell CM900 energy-saving slimline programmable room thermostat. It gives clear English language prompts at every stage so, whatever the user does, it is obvious exactly what is happening and what they need to do next.
“The aim was to make the instruction book unnecessary, for the users and installers, but we provide it anyway,” said a Honeywell spokesman.

The CM900 is available in wireless and wired versions, ideal for radiator and underfloor heating, with gas or oil fired boilers including condensing and combination models, as well as electric heating or cooling systems.

It provides up to six time/temperature changes per day to match temperatures with lifestyles, three comfort-enhancing, energy-saving overrides at the touch of a button, and many other energy-saving, comfort-enhancing features.

Installers can press a secret combination of buttons to place the CM900 into installer mode, where non-user settings can be changed.

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