Sentinel Totus from Vent-Axia

In the face of growing pressures for building services engineers, public, commercial and leisure sector end-users to cut carbon emissions and reduce energy costs, Vent-Axia has introduced the Sentinel Totus D-ERV (Demand Energy Recovery Ventilation) system. Sentinel Totus integrates the company’s proven on-demand control concept with efficient EC/DC motor technology and a state of the art counterflow heat recovery cell to achieve up to 90% energy recovery – the highest performance of any system on the market, and the UK’s first D-ERV system to be independently rated and tested to EN308.

Sentinel Totus is designed to operate on the principles of on-demand ventilation. It responds to the precise ventilation requirements of a room at any one time providing the right level of supply and extract airflow only when required, making it ideal for schools, hotels, theatres, offices and other environments with changing occupancy patterns. Sentinel Totus also recovers maximum energy (heat and cool) from the extracted air, transferring it into the fresh air supply via the unit’s integral high efficiency counterflow heat exchanger. The result is a system which achieves required airflow rates and ventilates according to precise needs.

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