Sensors eliminate blind spots

ABB has released a range of passive infra-red (PIR) movement sensors which eliminate the blind spots directly beneath and immediately behind most sensors’ normal visual ranges. Featuring ‘rearfield detection’, ABB’s new PIRs can detect movement in these areas even when placed above a window or door.
This is just one of the many additional features introduced into ABB’s range of Busch-Watchdog AlarmLINE, ProfessionalLINE and SelectLINE PIR sensors. In addition to providing a 16 metre range, all of these sensors now incorporate microprocessors, enabling them to offer an expanded range of functions.

Advanced sensitivity capabilities enable automatic adjustment to adverse weather conditions or any interference caused by moving tree branches. The sensors can also be programmed to recognise and ignore smaller moving objects such as rats or foxes to prevent spurious alarms.

An anti-dazzle feature also protects against the PIR’s operation being affected by any sudden flooding of light, for example from a car’s headlights.

The new PIRs can also provide simulated presence operation by recording normal movement in a room or building for a specified time-period, including when lights are turned on and off.

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