SensaModular from Thorn

Electrical industry folklore has it that lighting controls are complicated and suitable only for large projects. Not so. Thorn has introduced SensaModular, a simple plug-and-play dimming solution for single room applications that is capable of taking in and responding to sensors and other interfaces, without the need for extra commissioning tools. 

Central to the system is the SensaModular controller which processes the inputs from the sensors, photocells, scene plates, switches and hand held IR devices to operate up to three groups of luminaires, thus creating ideal conditions for daylight-linking, presence-linking and scene setting.

The device can automatically detect and operate DSI or DALI ballasts, or any combination thereof (up to 50 DSI or 25 DALI ballasts per group), and two screwdriver adjustable rotary switches set the operation mode (On/Off, only Off or On/Corridor) and off delay time for the presence-link function. This makes commissioning quick, easy and safe. The controller comes in two sizes for two or three luminaire groups.

Compared with traditional dimmer pack or building-wide solutions, SensaModular is easy to install via polarity-free 2-wire connections, using standard mains rated installation material.

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