SELECT – direct gas-fired water heater sizing programme

The process of choosing a suitably sized water heater for commercial and industrial applications is far from straightforward. Factors such as peak demand period, volume and temperature of hot water required need to be carefully considered. The method of hot water generation is also an important part of the process.

Direct gas-fired water heaters are an established method of providing hot water for many commercial and industrial buildings and for process hot water requirements. Built upon the principles of low storage, but fast recovery, individual models can provide hot water outputs from 200 to almost 10,000 litres of hot water per hour.

SELECT sizing programme – how it works

Twenty different building types are included within the programme; each of which has a range of specifically chosen criteria, which requires the user to add relevant data. When all data is entered, the programme provides the “total hot water requirement” and ‘temperature rise’ is provided.

The next part of SELECT considers the various water heater types and provides the user with the following options:-

  • Specific water heater range or criteria-based sizing
  • Combinations from 1 to 4 water heaters
  • Ability to choose storage-type or circulating-type products
  • Set combined duty on multiple water heater requirements
  • Set incoming cold water supply temperature

Selection Results

Where possible, SELECT will provide the user with up to 3 options; all of which will be capable of meeting the “total hot water requirement”, within the selected period of hot water demand and at the relevant temperature rise. The summary screen then displays the available water heater options and provides details such as hot water recovery rate per hour; total hot water storage, duty vs demand and storage re-heat time.

Water Heater efficiency data is also displayed and this is based upon the most recent ErP test methodology, and finally, for applicable water heater models, the Energy Label rating

SELECT allows the user to go back to the previous section at any time during the sizing exercise to amend or simply check data. The final part of SELECT provides further details on the water heater product(s) chosen. The user can save the project as a SELECT programme file or as a pdf.

When the user is online, there are also quick links to view product information, or to send to Lochinvar Ltd to request a quotation

 Download or Online

The SELECT direct gas-fired water heater sizing programme is available to download or can be used online; users are required to complete a short registration process for either option.

The download version enables the user to complete a sizing exercise whether an internet connection is available or not.

SELECT online requires internet connectivity, and in addition to using via Desktop/Laptop, it is can also be used on Smart phones and tablets

Help & Contacts

A general help section is can be opened from any SELECT section or screen. Also, context help is provided at various stages during a sizing exercise; this can be viewed by a single mouse click in any data box. Doing so, generates a brief explanation of what data is required

Lochinvar Ltd can also provide customer support via our Area Sales team, details of which can be found here or our internal sales support team who can be contacted by email on or by telephone on 01295 269981

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