SEELEY INTERNATIONAL to showcase innovative cooling solutions based on Evaporative Cooling at RWM Exhibition 2017 in Birmingham

Seeley International will be exhibiting innovative energy saving cooling solutions at RWM Exhibition in Birmingham (12th-14th September 2017) at stand 4A33.

Seeley International is Australia’s largest air conditioning manufacturer and a global leader in developing ingenious, energy efficient cooling products, based on a green and cost saving technology: Evaporative Cooling.

Evaporative cooling is fast becoming the most efficient option when cooling large areas. Air conditioning is not such a viable option, because in warehouses or industrial plants, the capital and running costs would be extremely prohibitive for end-users. Most industries with high heat loads, such as printing, ceramics, glass, rubber or electronics, have no cooling system installed, and this impacts on the workers’ morale and productivity, as well as on their health. In cases where they have traditional cooling systems installed, they rely on recirculating the air in the indoor space, which can be full of fumes and germs. Moreover, premises such as warehouses or big storage rooms, especially when dealing with food and pharmaceutical products, have specific requirements of temperature.

In all these examples, Direct Evaporative Cooling could be the right solution. They do not use any sort of chemical refrigerants to cool the air, just a water pump to supply water to the wetted media where evaporation occurs and electrical power for the fan that then pushes the air inside the building. Manufactured in Australia by Seeley International, Breezair is the best example of evaporative cooling in the market. Available in different ranges to meet customers’ needs, Breezair is famous worldwide for the unbeatable quality of the components and the performance of the product itself. Many companies in the UK have given trust to Evaporative Cooling and to Breezair: indeed, these coolers have been installed in printing facilities, electronic manufacturing industries, automotive assembly lines and showrooms, ceramics, food industries, warehouses. (For more info you can browse

Seeley International manufacture also a Hyper Efficient Indirect evaporative cooler called Climate Wizard, which can produce temperatures similar to those produced by refrigerated systems, using 100% fresh air from outdoor and with reduced running costs (by up to 80%) if compared with refrigerated systems. This revolutionary indirect evaporative cooler can be used on its own or in combination with AHU’s with DX Coils in to dramatically reduce energy usage by pre-cooling outside air. Climate Wizard’s cooling performance can rival that of refrigerated systems, using up to 80% less energy. That’s not only great for reducing power bills; it’s also great for the environment. And, no matter how hot it gets outside, Climate Wizard uses the same amount of power and still delivers 100% fresh, cool air inside. This is in direct contrast to refrigerated systems, which require increasing amounts of power as outside temperatures rise. Climate Wizard’s cost-saving capabilities actually increase, when the heat is at its highest. At the same time, Climate Wizard’s performance also increases as temperatures rise – again, in complete contrast to refrigerated systems. (Check it also online

Headquartered in Adelaide and with factories in Adelaide (South Australia) and Albury (New South Wales), the company was founded by Frank Seeley, AM FAICD who remains Chairman.

Seeley International has been manufacturing air conditioners since 1972 and, unlike many of its competitors, designs and manufactures most of the components for its products within Australia. Evaporative coolers, manufactured and designed by Seeley International, are one of the most environmentally beneficial methods of cooling available and offer a range of health benefits. We have worked hard to ensure the technology in each unit is industry-leading, so that we can assure each and every customer that their choice to use evaporative cooling is safer for the environment, compared to refrigerated air conditioning.

Evaporative cooling it’s a technology that is going to revolution the air conditioning industry all over the world, due to the increasing cooling capacity of the units and the rising awareness over running costs control.

With offices all over the globe (Italy, France, United Kingdom, USA, South Africa and of course Australia), Seeley International ensures a strong level of commitment to the local markets and an everyday support to dealers and distributors.


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