Security made simple with RC-RemoteAccess®

Smart buildings collect data from equipment and sensors and analyse them to improve operational efficiency, reduce waste, and ensure occupant comfort—all worthy efforts. But as smart buildings and IT devices gain momentum in the market, unless we carefully consider their security, we risk exposing our data and privacy to malicious actors.

Improve data communications security and simplify your IT management with RC-RemoteAccess from Reliable Controls, a flexible BACnet Secure Network (B/SN) solution that is scalable and affordable. This easy-to-use software does not require additional routers or controllers to deploy and enhances system security with 256-bit encryption for all BACnet communications and support for server certificates up to 2,048 bits. It provides security within your building as well as secure access into it.

RC-RemoteAccess eliminates the need to implement and manage BACnet Broadcast Management Devices and Broadcast Distribution Tables, permits multiple separate VLAN configurations, and does not require port forwarding. BACnet networks encrypted with RC-RemoteAccess are interoperable with any standard BACnet device, and many of the challenges of BACnet/IP, such as static IP addresses and broadcast management, are eliminated. This not only secures a smart building’s network but also simplifies its architecture. Owners no longer need to pay for static public IP addresses, and client-side DHCP support minimises the workload for IT departments.

Conveniently locate your RC-RemoteAccess server on-site, off-site, or in the cloud. RC-RemoteAccess is the B/SN you can rely on, an industry-leading product that protects building automation system networks from potential abuse. Save time and money and feel secure by managing your own B/SN.

RC-RemoteAccess includes the following additional features:

  • Connects multiple remote systems in a single BACnet internetwork
  • Supports a failover server for added network reliability
  • Enhances security with TLS 1.2 or later protocol
  • Supports up to 5,000 connections and up to 500 B/SNs per server

Steve Rucker, systems engineer at US-based Enviromatic Systems, uses RC-RemoteAccess for every project: “I have been using RC-RemoteAccess for a couple of weeks now, and I must tip my hat to you and your team. This intuitive piece of software is a walk-off grand slam. I absolutely love it. As a company, we intend to utilize it on every single project going forward. RC-RemoteAccess is a game changer for us. Kudos to you and your team for such a wonderful, easy-to-use, intuitive piece of software.”

Today, cities are beginning to use digital technologies to make better decisions and improve quality of life. Smart cities collect data from citizens, buildings, and assets and use it to monitor, track, and optimise energy, water and waste, traffic, comfort, safety, and a variety of other aspects of our daily lives. The more interoperability between devices, buildings, and infrastructure, the more opportunity for our data and information to be vulnerable; the challenge of cybersecurity is ever present. Future cybersecurity systems will likely be based in artificial intelligence, but they will always rely on fundamental safeguards like encryption and network segmentation—and our ability to adapt our human defenses.

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