Seamless energy monitoring in the “Flagship” of the Lenzerheide, Switzerland

The new Motta Hut is the hub for hungry and thirsty snow sports enthusiasts.

The slopes and ski lifts in the Arosa Lenzerheide ski resort had just barely shut down in 2017 before the bulldozers moved in to tear down the old Motta Hut. The new flagship project had to be ready by the start of the 2017/2018 ski season. The new Motta Hut has room inside for 120 people and outside for 240 more on its ample, multi-level sun terrace.The innovative timber-frame construction ensures a rustic, yet modern ambiance, both inside and out. This makes the new ski restaurant an international flagship and an experience for every snow sport enthusiast. A HVAC system with the maximum amount of automation was once again selected for the Motta Hut. As with other projects, the plant was also equipped with Belimo products. The new sensor product range attracted just as much attention as the Belimo Energy Valve™ with Cloud connection.

The networked future of HVAC systems

There was a tight schedule for the Motta Hut. Absolute delivery reliability was just as indispensible as the selection of products which met the high quality requirements and offered even more transparency and control with regard to the function of the HVAC system. This was ensured with the installation of the belimo sensor product range and the new Belimo Energy Valve™ with Cloud connection. “Thanks to the sensors and the connection to the Belimo Cloud, the evaluations can be broken down even more precisely to the individual valve. In addition, we can also view the data and the evaluations without difficulty, and thus better distribute the energy costs”, said Samuel Lorez, Head of Technology at Lenzerheide Bergbahnen AG.

Comprehensive range of HVAC sensors

With its complete sensor product range for temperature, humidity, air quality and pressure, Belimo can provide all of the HVAC field devices from a single source. The sensors feature a unique and uniform housing and assembly concept, which allows quick installation and makes them fully compatible with all major building automation and control systems. Particularly eye-catching is the housing, which provides IP65 protection. The catch fastener makes it possible to open and close the lid without the use of tools, thus enabling rapid and reliable installation.

The integration of the sensors makes it possible to control, monitor and check the entire HVAC system even better than before. At the Motta Hut, the Belimo sensors were installed in the air handling unit, in the heating lines and for measuring the outdoor temperature.

Multifunctional Belimo Energy Valve™ for transparent energy monitoring

The intelligent, pressure-independent valve combines five functions in a single, easy-to-assemble unit.The further development into an IoT device (Internet of Things) thanks to the connection to the Belimo Cloud makes measuring, controlling, balancing, shutting off and energy monitoring even more transparent and the corresponding operation even easier. Unique functions such as the Delta-T manager or the possibility of direct power control provide clarity, enhance efficiency and reduce costs.

By being integrated into the Belimo Cloud, Lenzerheide Bergbahnen AG receives all information on the energy consumption of the heat pump, heating group and ventilation units in its own account. Other advantages of the cloud, in addition to transparency, are cloud optimisations: To improve system performance and stability, the Delta-T settings recommended by Belimo experts can be made available using cloud-based analysis. Furthermore the online updates ensure that the Belimo Energy Valve™ represents the very latest of technology at all times. In addition, support via Cloud aids technicians in commissioning or solving technical problems. For this reason Belimo also grants a 7-year guarantee for the Belimo Energy Valve™ with Cloud connection.

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