Schott Solar provides appeal

The ASI Glass module range from Schott Solar combines energy generation with striking aesthetics to offer an integrated solar glass system, suitable for a wide variety of applications, including semitransparent façade glazing, roof glazing and rain screen cladding.

The ASI Glass range of bespoke photovoltaic modules are based on progressive thin film technology, guaranteeing power output – even in situations of low irradiance – and are available in several different versions, including ASI OPAK and ASI THRU. 

ASI OPAK is an opaque laminate and ASI THRU is a semitransparent laminate or double-glazing sheet.  Both product ranges offer enhanced sun protection capabilities, improved anti-glare properties and meet current Building Regulation requirements, meaning they can be used with most traditional metal structure systems.

ASI THRU Colour is a new type of photovoltaic module, based on the ASI THRU product series, which combines semitransparent ASI THRU modules with Schott Imera laminated coloured sheet glass. ASI THRU Colour is an attractive, transparent-coloured solar module, which catches the light to produce mesmerising coloured light effects, ideal for building façades.

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