School heating refurbishments

Whilst we are still hanging on to the end of winter thoughts will be turning to summer school heating refurbishments. Smith’s range of fan convectors, Caspian, is perfectly suited to heating large spaces quickly and efficiently. Caspian fan convectors are both a practical and high-quality #heating solution for any commercial project. Incorporating the latest EC motor technology, which can result in running-cost savings as high as 80%, and with variable speed control as standard, Caspian delivers heat quickly and quietly.

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Fan Convectors and renewables

Renewable technology grows apace, with ground source and air source heat pumps offering a viable alternative to boilers as the principal heat generator in both domestic and commercial applications. Inherent in the heat pump’s design is that the smaller the temperature between the heat-source pump (air or ground) and the heat sink/emitter (under-floor heating, fan convector, radiator), the higher the energy efficiency of that heat pump. This higher efficiency means lower fuel bills and greater carbon savings. Fan convectors can work very effectively at system temperatures as low as 40°C. This allows your chosen heat pump to work close to its maximum levels of efficiency, which means it will reduce the user’s energy costs and energy consumption in the way it was intended. By contrast a standard radiator is designed to be efficient at higher temperatures, 45°C and above, which automatically reduces the heat pump’s efficiency by more than 10%. In addition, the size of the radiator has to be increased significantly to cope with the lower system temperatures.

Claregate Primary School benefits from new Smith’s Caspian fan convectors

Taking up a great deal of valuable wall space and often hidden behind furniture to protect the children from their high surface temperatures the old cast iron heat emitters needed replacing.

Replacing the old emitters with Smith’s Caspian UV fan convectors achieved a much more efficient heating system. Each classroom was fitted with a Caspian UV fan convector mounted on the ceiling and controlled by a wireless room thermostat to provide individual control for each classroom. The 2 main corridors previously had 5 large cast-iron radiators each which took up much of the wall space and these were each replaced with a single Caspian UV fan convector which now provides uniform heat along the length of the corridors. The school hall has also benefitted with the installation of 3 Caspian UV fan convectors mounted high up to avoid damage during sports activity. They have released extra space for school activities and taken away the risk of children being burned by the high surface temperature of the old radiators. The hall is used for many different activities, so it is important to be able to heat the space quickly when it’s needed.

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Solano Unit Heater

Our hydronic fan-assisted unit heater, Solano is aimed at heating large areas such as warehouses, workshops, sports halls and showrooms.

Weighing as little as 15kg, for the largest version, it is easy to install on the wall or ceiling. Using the hot water from a boiler it is efficient and cost effective to run. Available with either manual or intelligent heating controls which are BMS compliant. In the summer Solano can also be used as to ventilate the area with only the fan operating.

There are four versions of Solano in the range from a 10-30kW version up to a 50-70kW version. The air volume of Solano is up to 4900m3/hr. There is also a Heater Mix version, which is a fan only unit to help to increase the mixing of the warm air in the space.

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Introducing … Simon Butcher, Senior Technical Services Manager

Simon is responsible for all Technical Sales/After Sales and Customer Service. With over 30 years’ experience in the HVAC industry including several years as a lecturer in heating and plumbing. He also is heavily involved in product development, but his real passion is getting involved in bespoke projects that require specialist solutions to achieve the outcome required by the customers. As part of his role he regularly visits project sites to help customers develop alternative solutions to meet their project requirements.

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