Saving energy in the city

Philips, in partnership with electrical contractors, Cofely, has installed an integrated lighting management system at the headquarters of Freshfields Bruckhaus Deringer in central London.

Freshfields Bruckhaus Deringer, one of the largest law firms in the world, is considered to be right at the heart of city law in London’s Fleet Street. By incorporating the Philips ECS LMM management system within its HQ, not only have significant energy savings been achieved but it will also give the client greater control and more flexibility of its lighting needs throughout its offices.

One of the key benefits of the LMM system is that it offers a ‘ready to use’ solution right through to a fully integrated system and can be aligned to how spaces are utilised with no need for specialist knowledge and programming skills. At Freshfields this ease of use came into its own as installation was done on a floor by floor basis. Alfie Meeks, project manager at Cofely says: “Installation of the LMM system was really simple and easy to do which was ideal since we had a further challenge of having to do this in a fully occupied building. This made it imperative that any works undertaken had to be well co-coordinated and incur as little disruption as possible during programming and configuration of the system.”

Whilst Freshfields has an outstanding reputation on the global stage providing corporate law advice, it also has a strong commitment to environmental responsibility. As Jamie Ayers, energy manager at Freshfields, explains: “Over the last four years we have reduced our greenhouse gas emissions by 4.6% per person. We believe that the LMM system can help us to continue these efforts and are looking forward to maximising what LMM can offer.”

Light Master Modular makes major savings possible and its rapid and straightforward installation, ability to save electricity and automated monitoring can all reduce the total cost of ownership by as much as 50%. Ayers continues: “By applying functionalities such as energy monitoring, we hope to be able to build on our current achievements – over the last year we have reduced our electricity consumption by two million kilowatt hours across the firm. Adopting LMM in our London offices will allow us to contribute to this even further.”

In addition, as we know, building occupiers are continually faced with regular and rapid changes in the use of space as well as accommodating the increasing expectations of users regarding comfort and performance. Balancing these considerations against a backdrop of changing regulations is no easy task. LMM has taken this all in account since it can be easily extended from basic to full lighting functionality without costly wiring changes. Thus, it provides an easy way to keep pace with changes in building layout and usage to any zone or area at any time.

Freshfields can now rest assured that the firm’s London office has a lighting system that is fully equipped to maximise energy efficiency and easily keep up to date with changing regulations.

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