Saving energy at Stoke FC

CP Electronics has supplied its popular Vitesse Modular range of marshalling boxes to the new Stoke City Football Club’s training ground at Clayton Wood. Chosen and specified by electrical contractors EIC Manchester, Vitesse Modular was used throughout the £7 million development, and when combined with CP’s absence detectors, will help improve energy efficiency.  

Offering superior facilities to the first team as well as being home to the Stoke City Academy, the two storey, 1800sq m complex includes changing rooms, a medical facility, kitchen, refectory, hydrotherapy pool, gym, media suite and management offices. 


CP’s ceiling mounted presence detectors EBDSPIR-PRM were installed in all office spaces and academy changing rooms to switch off lighting in unoccupied areas. The time delay is adjustable between 10 seconds and 99 minutes and, if there is sufficient natural light, a built-in photocell will keep the lighting switched off. It also has the benefit of optional manual override and can be used with incandescent, fluorescent and compact fluorescent light sources.

The Vitesse system allows easy connection of luminaires by plugging in 4-way extender modules. Each module can connect to four luminaires, using either 6-pole dimming or 4-pole non-dimming GST style connectors. Up to three additional extension modules can be added to accommodate a maximum of 16 luminaires. The simplicity and flexibility of Vitesse means that should the lighting design change, the wiring can be unplugged, moved and reconnected without the need for any further installation expense.

Steve Stratulis of EIC commented: “Having used Vitesse Modular in previous projects, this system proved to be the ideal solution at Clayton Wood.  The product offers a high quality system with easy installation and good value for money.”

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