Save the snow

In January 2008, forty five Philips employees, their families and friends, will start the New Year by attempting to climb Kilimanjaro to promote energy efficient lighting, as a part solution to climate change, and to raise money for an Oxfam Novib project in Tanzania.
The Oxfam Novib TIP water irrigation project in Tanzania has already tripled the harvest and incomes for 56,000 local farmers. “This event will make it possible for TIP to further teach the population how to make better use of the natural environment and will help to improve existing irrigation techniques. In this way the ‘Save the snow’ initiative has an impact in both Europe and Africa.” said Thur de Kuijer, Oxfam Novib programme officer for the TIP project.

Energy efficient lighting has tremendous potential to help reduce CO2 emissions around the world. Figures show that more than three quarters of all lighting currently installed in the world today is based on inefficient technologies developed before the 1970’s.

If these were switched to more efficient lighting technologies, available on the market today, both consumers, businesses and the environment would benefit enormously. Figures show achievable savings of 106 billion euros per year in running costs and 555 million tons of CO2 per year across the globe

“Kilimanjaro is an icon for climate change” said Nick Kelso one of the organisers “We want to raise awareness, as employees and citizens of planet earth of the benefits of a switch to more efficient lighting”.

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