Save space and money for domestic fire sprinkler supply

The Aquatech Pressmain AMV-FE water and sprinkler Booster Set is acombined series of intelligent booster sets with up to eight pumps, and is suitable wherever a combined water and domestic sprinkler booster set is needed.

It saves the expense of two separate pump sets, one for the cold water and one for the domestic sprinklers. 

It is also ideal for boosting the water supply in large residential or commercial projects such as hospitals, healthcare facilities and universities. 

The Aquamatic AMV-FE offers a compact solution which, in the event of fire, is switched by an external BMS signal to supply all available water to the sprinkler system at full speed. Boosting the water pressure up to 14.0 bar, with a water flow of up to 48 litres per second for combined domestic water & sprinkler applications to BS9251:2021. [Fire sprinkler systems for domestic and residential occupancies – Code of practice]. 

The Aquamatic AMV-FE Water Booster Sets are compliant to BS9251:2021, the Department of Health HTM 04 Guidance for Safe Water in Healthcare Premises, the Pressure Equipment Directive and are WRAS approved. 

Using IE5 class Ultra-Premium Efficient motors to reduce running costs. 

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