Save even more water

Watersavers has recently launched a range of Shut off Valves designed to isolate the water supply to certain areas of buildings eg toilets, shower blocks, and commercial kitchens when unoccupied (at night, weekends and holiday periods) thereby preventing water wastage and potential damage due to running taps, burst or leaking pipes etc.
Watersavers controls are designed to reduce the financial and environmental impact of water wastage in public and commercial buildings. According to Environment Agency figures one tap left running overnight will use approximately 6480 litres of water. At an average cost of £0.70/m³ this could equate to an annual cost of £1,679 (worst case scenario where one tap in the building is left running each night). Even a single dripping tap can waste a staggering 10,940 litres a year! Both instances represent avoidable wastage.

The range is led by the SOV-100, a 240v fully specified control with multiple sensor and solenoid valve capability, plus optional Building Management System interface. A simplified battery operated version, the SOV-50 has been specially designed for use in remotely situated buildings.

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