SAUTER ecoUnit-Touch – a room operating unit like a smartphone

image1The new room operating unit from SAUTER impresses with a slick design and can be operated intuitively like a smartphone. This allows individual room settings to be made easily and elegantly, without impairing the energy efficiency of the system.

The latest operating device from the SAUTER system family has a high-quality design and scratch-resistance surface evocative of a smartphone – and it is operated in exactly the same way.

Up to six function tiles are displayed at the same time on the unit’s touchscreen. Swiping left or right reveals further tiles. The tiles provide direct access to room functions – changing individual temperature setpoints, controlling window blinds and switching multiple lighting groups on and off.

The modular structure enables the functions to be adjusted for different rooms. Along with an integrated temperature sensor, the room operating unit has six digital inputs for extending it with conventional light switches and presence sensors.

You can operate the device directly, or remotely from a smartphone or tablet via Bluetooth with the SAUTER Room Management app (available for iOS and Android).

Together with ecos504/505 (B-BC) room automation stations from the fully BACnet-compatible SAUTER EY-modulo 5 system family, the SAUTER ecoUnit-Touch enables state-of-the-art room automation solutions to be implemented.

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