Sanyo cleans up

Brand new from Sanyo Air Conditioners is the innovative Virus Washer. The Virus Washer suppresses more than 99% of airborne viruses from treated air, including cold and flu and does so without the use of any chemicals, in line with Sanyo’s ‘THINK GAIA’ philosophy of environmental responsibility.
The Virus Washer also has the additional effect of reducing airborne bacteria and mould as well as pollen and dust mite allergens.

The purification process begins with electrolysed water running over the air purification element in the unit. Indoor air is then forced to circulate through the element, inactivating airborne viruses which pass through it.

Verification tests have shown that the inactivation of airborne viruses by electrolysed water is effective in suppressing 99% or more of the viruses (joint research conducted with the Gunma Prefectural Institute of Public Health and Environmental Sciences). The electrolysed hypochlorous acid in the electrolysed water destroys the proteins (spikes) on the surface of the virus, rendering the virus inactive. When the air passes through the filter, the moisture contained in the filter evaporates, humidifying the room with clean, purified air.

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