Saniflo solutions for commercial scenarios

Well known for its market-leading range of pumps and macerators for bathroom scenarios, Saniflo also leads the way in grey water pumping solutions for kitchen, utility and laundry environments. Whether a pump is required for domestic premises or for a commercial application, there is a choice of units that can be used when mains drainage connection isn’t an option.

The Sanivite + is one of Saniflo’s best-selling pumps for grey waste water. The powerful pump has four inlets for connection to a sink and other appliances including washing machines, dishwashers, ice machines; even a bath. The unit handles hot, soapy water with ease up to a maximum temperature of 60°C while the quiet pump has a low activation level of just 95mm to ensure water is promptly cleared from the unit. It can be installed in a kitchen unit or concealed behind a demountable panel so that it is out of sight, but easily accessible for service and maintenance. Sanivite is often the choice of commercial premises.

One such case is Rush Hair & Beauty, a chain of 92 salons throughout the UK. Offering cutting edge style and exceptional customer service, Rush salons are both luxurious and relaxing and put clients’ needs at their very heart of their operations.  The recipient of numerous awards, the company recently won British Hairdressing Awards Artistic Team of the Year.

The business is growing rapidly and opening new branches all over the UK including 16 in the early part of 2018. Each new salon tends to require the total refurbishment of an existing property and very often this needs innovative plumbing solutions from Saniflo to discharge grey water waste from basins, colour mixing stations and expansion pumps.

The Barefoot Plumber, Steven Newman, began working with Rush in 2017 after helping the Bayswater branch out with an emergency solution whilst working on the plumbing in an upmarket coffee shop opposite. A blockage in a multi-storey building caused sewage to bubble up through the basins in ground floor Rush; necessitating the quick evacuation of clients to alternative branches throughout London. Steven efficiently dealt with the problem enabling service to be resumed the following day and minimising further losses.

Thames Water, Gas Safe and EPC registered, Steven was subsequently invited to become the sole plumbing contractor for RUSH and he now plans and executes the plumbing systems for all new stores.

“The store design team gives me a copy of their plans – which are sometimes quite challenging from a plumbing perspective – so that I can find an efficient, workable solution. When I need a pump to discharge waste I go and buy a Saniflo. I know there will always be a model to suit the specific job in hand and if I need technical support I know that I can ring the team at Saniflo HQ for a quick answer. The company’s range of commercial pumps really suit the needs of RUSH – no two jobs are ever the same so the wide range enables me to choose the optimum pump.”

In Eldon Street, near Liverpool Street station in London, a temporary store was opened whilst waiting for the larger shop next door to vacate. A Sanipro + macerator pump was required for this store to take waste from the handbasins as well as the guest WC.  To eliminate the chance of foreign objects clogging the pump blades Steve installs filters in the sink to catch hair and has switched the basin traps to stop hairdressing pins or foils reaching the macerator.

Innovative thinking for his innovative customer.

In the new outlet a Sanivite has been neatly installed into a cupboard at the rear of the shop to take the overflow water from an expansion vessel that heats the water for the basins. The Sanivite discharge pipes neatly  run upwards and across the ceiling to join the main soil stack in the bathroom behind the reception area.

“It’s great knowing there is a readily available solution for some of the plumbing challenges I’m faced with. Rarely is there an occasion where I can’t use a Saniflo to pump away waste water when I don’t have access to gravity drains. Saniflo really does help enable these projects to be successfully completed.” 020 8842 0033

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