SANHA Piping systems

SANHA is a leader in the manufacturing of robust piping systems. Our piping systems have served installers, wholesalers and technical building planners for both domestic and industrial uses since our family business was established in 1964. All of our piping systems are manufactured to meet the highest standards in heating, sanitary, refrigeration and air conditioning applications.

SANHA manufactures piping systems with a strict adherence to low production tolerances in our own European factories. This is crucial to the delivery of a quality piping system, regardless of the material. Stainless steel, lead-free silicone bronze, copper, carbon steel, plastic or brass – installers can choose from a wide variety of materials.

The same applies to connection techniques and dimensions: The Essen-based company offers piping systems for pressing and soldering, threaded fittings and more in sizes of 12 – 168 mm and 1/8” – 3”. Of course, press fit piping systems yield distinct advantages and have rightly become the go-to choice. Press fitting eliminates the need for on-site welding and threading, is faster and vastly reduces the risks as it is flame-free.

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