Sangamo – the right Choice for energy efficiency

With huge hikes in energy bills looming when the new price cap comes into force on 1stApril, householders are looking at ways to reduce their energy consumption to help combat rising bills.  Understanding how their heating system is performing and how they can make small changes to improve its efficiency is one area for consideration.


The Sangamo Choice range of timers and heating controls from ESP was revamped last year, with the main aim of introducing new features that would help boost the products’ energy saving properties.   For example, the Choice+ thermostats include TPI feature to ensure a maintained temperature by analysis of the heating and cooling periods. In addition, Choice+ programmable thermostats include Optimum Start and Delayed Stop for additional efficiency for the time programmed. These features combine to offer the best in heating comfort and energy efficiency when compared to traditional on/off thermostats.


A smart thermostat allows householders to control and monitor the room temperature and thermostat activity around the home from anywhere in the world, via an app.  Sangamo’s Wi-Fi thermostat offers energy efficient programming and remote access via the Sangamo choice app.  It is straightforward to install and operate and is suitable for electric, gas or oil systems.


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