Samsung’s DMS2 is in control

With Samsung’s convenient new Data Management Server 2 (DMS2), building managers can remotely oversee portfolios of air conditioning systems and virtually leave the systems to manage themselves.

The DMS2 is set to become a core element of the Integrated Management System (IMS) for Samsung’s DVM Plus III (VRF) air heating and cooling installations; each DMS2 efficiently manages systems with up to 256 indoor units. The unit also supports energy recovery ventilators and air handling units. Its built-in web server enables the building manager to control and monitor individual units, groups of units, or the whole system via the internet, from anywhere at any time.

Jonathan Pettitt, Samsung National Sales Manager for Air Conditioning, says DMS2 will help building owners to save money by operating their DVM Plus III systems at peak efficiency. “DVM Plus III is already an attractive choice in the VRF marketplace because of its superior performance and unique ability to operate at maximum efficiency at very low load demand. With DMS2 we are providing a tool to ensure that owners get the best possible return on their investment.”

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