Samsung set new records

Samsung is claiming three world records with its new DVM Plus III VRF air conditioning system. With best-in-class COP, the new Digital Variable Multi range boasts the world’s largest system capacity, the greatest piping lengths, and at just 0.92m2 the smallest footprint for a 16hp unit.

The DVM range of heat pump and heat recovery versions offers an attractive alternative to conventional VRF systems for offices, hotels and similar applications.

Jon Pettitt, national sales manager for Samsung Air Conditioning says DVM Plus III combines Samsung’s electronics expertise with excellence in design and innovation: “This range has much to offer the local air conditioning sector – its unique and innovative features, coupled with excellent performance and strong brand identity are just the start.”

Key new technologies in DVM Plus III yield COP ratings up to 4.23 – against an industry next-best of 4.15 – and up to 11% better than earlier models. This is achieved through the new Digital Hybrid System – a Digital Vapour Injection (DVI) scroll compressor, vapour injection technology and a turbo intercooler – which improves cooling and heating performance and energy efficiency through two stage compression, improved refrigerant flow rates and enhanced sub-cooling.

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