Safety standard-compliant connections open up new applications for smart lighting system

The latest DALI sensor package from lighting specialists Helvar is fully IEC 60669-2-5 compliant thanks to the use of WAGO Push in cage clamp pluggable connections. The standard guarantees safe operation within manufacturer’s instructions, and allows Helvar’s lighting system to be specified for a wider range of projects and applications.

IEC 60669-2-5 applies to the safety and reliability of home and building electrical system (HBES) switches and associated electronic extension units. The standard covers specifications such as mechanical strength, rating, electrical safety protections and resistance to ageing, heat and rust.

iDim Orbit detects movement using market leading passive infrared (PIR) technology, providing reliable performance across a range of applications. One sensor can detect occupancy within a 7 m diameter area, or five can be used together to deliver up to 15 m coverage at 2.8 m height. This makes the system highly suitable for classrooms and offices, where lighting can be easily adapted to suit different levels of occupancy. The PIRs on their own are IEC 60669-2-5 compliant, but to use them with any non-compliant interconnection equipment, for instance to connect luminaires or additional sensors together, would negate the overall certification of the iDim Orbit system. Using a standard-compliant interconnection system was therefore essential to guarantee safety.

WAGO’s WINSTA connection system was found to be the only solution available that was able to meet IEC 60669-2-5. This allows Helvar to provide a fully standard-compliant DALI lighting solution including sensors, interconnection and controls. In addition, the pluggable connections are up to 50 percent quicker to install than screw-types, saving time and money on-site.

The connection system provides the sensor’s electrical interface and cabling. Pluggable push in cage clamp connectors make installations quick to install, and free from maintenance over the product’s life for maximum reliability.

David Draper, International Product Manager, WAGO, says: “We are delighted to supply our WINSTA connection system for such a ground-breaking new product. We acutely understand the importance of compliance with standards, and use the highest quality materials available to manufacture products and solutions that can be certifiably trusted by our customers”.

Nick Van Tromp at Helvar comments: “We expect our suppliers to not only meet but exceed our standards, and the WINSTA system does precisely that. The iDim Orbit system was developed with the electrical installer in mind, and the pluggable connectors and screw-free terminals offered quicker, more streamlined installation, plus exceptional reliability”.

The iDim Orbit system delivers simple, cost-effective and easy to install room-based lighting control, suitable for open plan and cellular offices, as well as boardrooms and classrooms. The system combines the sensor with a mobile app featuring a library of standard application profiles, as well as a profile scheduler which enables the sensor behaviour to be altered automatically, or configured to suit particular scenarios.

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