Safety controller software

Schneider Electric has launched the latest XPSMCWIN v2.2 software package for its XPSMC safety controllers, and has made available two free versions at its UK website. The Demo Version is for OEMs and designers wishing to try out the drag-and-drop configurability without connecting to a controller, and the Service Version is for end users or site engineers to connect to existing controllers for troubleshooting and diagnostic purposes.
The Demo Version allows you to create and modify configurations, and is an ideal way to discover the simple functionality of drag-and drop assignment of safety inputs from the device library to the safety outputs. As each input device is dragged across, its properties can be configured, and single inputs can be cut and pasted across multiple inputs (for example master E-stops).

The Service Version is for those on site to connect to XPSMCs already installed and running, to run real-time diagnostics to help with troubleshooting and maintenance.

Importantly neither free version permits the user to modify an installed application, so no dangerous changes can be made.

Both free versions of the software are available at: in the software downloads section.

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